Rupia Collection

The first Olavarrieta collection consists of handmade adjustable earrings, bracelets and rings with rupees.

“I designed the RUPIA collection as the brand's first, because I share the philosophy of India. After having made a trip through different cities of this country and delving into its culture, the inspiration came by itself. I got some old coins, investigated the meaning of each one and started sketching ”Lissette Olavarrieta

In rupees His last emperor, George VI, and the national emblem of India, the lion of Sarnath , which represents the country's commitment to world peace and goodwill. The four lions symbolize power, courage, trust, and loyalty. They are located on an abacus that is on a lotus flower in full bloom, representing the origin of life and creative inspiration.

Each Rupee piece is entirely handmade by Mexican hands and plated in 22K gold. Bangalore pieces carry cultured pearls and golden obsidians.