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Wanderlust XL Coral Necklace

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This necklace has a baroque pearl and a $50 pesos coin that depicts the nahuatl goddess Coyolxauhqui, a Mexican deity considered as the representation of the moon. One of our first designs and best-sellers. Timeless and perfect for layering and completing any look, specially if it includes any member of the Wanderlust Collection.

Pair it with Long Wanderlust Necklace and Worldwide African Colors Necklace

  • Currency 22k gold plated
  • Handmade by Mexican artisans
  • Pearl originating in China
  • String length: 70 cm

*Note: due to the natural origin of the stones they may present variations. This adds to the unique and unparalleled character of each exclusive piece. The colors from the stones change every season. If you want a specific model, please write your request at the end of your purchase or send us a message to so we can help you.