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Where are the coins from? They are authentic currencies of different countries and years. Many of them are still in circulation. They are made 9 baths of 22k gold plate. What kind of stones do they use? We use semiprecious stones. All are imported from countries in Africa and India. All stones are unique, so the details of each can vary according to their nature. What meanings do your charms have? I said Tuareg: it is an amulet of the nomads of the Tuareg Arab tribe, it is associated with the stars, it represents orientation, survival, it strengthens personal confidence and promotes good luck. I said a Coptic cross: in ancient Egypt, the gods were represented bearing the symbol as a synonym for immortality and eternal life. How can I become a distributor of your brand? In the menu of our website there is the option to register as a distributor. You must complete the application questionnaire and make an initial purchase that will give you a special discount on our products. If you decide to contact us directly, you can write to Can I lose the distribution of the brand? Yes, in case of breach of distribution policies, the wholesale discount can be lost. Do you ship to other countries? Yes. The page makes you a budget depending on the country and the weight of the order. Purchases within Mexico greater than $ 1,000 MXN are free. Are the products guaranteed? Yes. All products with a manufacturing defect are guaranteed for six months for repair. The brand agrees to pay the shipping costs if necessary.