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Worldwide African Necklace

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These are a replica of the original African beads, which are made of cow’s bones and wood, and decorated by hand with natural elements. In many parts of Africa people use jewelry and other decorative elements with these beads. This variation comes in an intense chocolate color with white details that stand out with the golden touch of the gold-plated coins and beads.

Tiger Eye Colonies Earrings or Bangalore Earrings Obsidiana

  • Each Worldwide Necklace is unique thanks to the natural stones and the different combination of coins with which they are made. While wearing It, you can have the certainty that it is a completely exclusive piece.
  • 22K gold
  • Handcrafted by Mexican artisans
  • China Stone
  • Measure: 39cm

* Note: due to the natural origin of the stones, these can present variations. This feature contributes to the unique and incomparable character of each piece.