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Mumbai Earrings

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Mumbai Earrings have two types of coins:
A 1964 1 paise round coin that frames the Lion of Sarnath, the national emblem of India, representing peace and goodwill. Made up of four lions that symbolize power, trust, courage and pride. And the 2 Annas coin from 1946 in the shape of a diamond, which depicts the bust of the British monarch George VI; who was emperor of India while it was a British colony. This coin was in circulation until 1947.

These super light earrings are perfect to combine with any piece of ourWorldwide collection orWanderlust collection
22K Gold Plated Indian Coins
Each piece is handmade by Mexican artisans.
Weight 20 g.
Length: 4 cm.

  • 22 Karat Gold Plated Coins of India
  • Handcrafted with care by Mexican artisans.
  • Weight: 20g.
  • Length: 4 cm.