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Mexico Mix Necklace

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This necklace is made of red coral, used by the ancient Egyptians as a protective amulet. Coral is believed to have divine powers capable of caring for its wearer from danger. The charms are made of this same stone, African krobos and malachite, creating a colorful contrast. It is the only necklace in this collection whose coins come from the same country. Each Worldwide necklace is unique thanks to the natural stones and the different combinations of coins with which they are made. By wearing it, you can be sure that it is a completely exclusive piece designed to stand out.

  • 22k gold plated Mexican coins.
  • Handmade by Mexican artisans
  • Semi-precious natural stones from the Mediterranean coast and Africa

*Note: due to the natural origin of the stones, they may vary. This feature adds to the unique character of each exclusive piece.