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Bangalore Mother of Pearl Earrings

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The Bangalore Earrings are made with two 25 Paise coins from 1965 (worth ¼ of a rupee) framed by handmade bevel. These coins depict the Lion of Sarnath, India’s national emblem that stands for peace and good will. Conformed by four lions, this complex Buddhist symbol represents the journey to enlightenment.

This version of the Bangalore Earrings is made with mother pearl, which comes from Australian waters and is laser-cut in Hong Kong. While wearing them, you bring the healing power of the sea with you, helping you achieve inner peace and clarity.

Combine them in layers with the Wanderlust Short Pearl Necklace and Wanderlust XL Pearl Necklace

  • Australian semi-precious stone
  • 22K gold plated Indian coins < / span>
  • Each piece is handmade by Mexican artisans
  • Weight: 22 g
  • Measurement: cm

If you want to know more about the meaning of the symbols on these coins, click on our entry at Rupia Collection Blog